Q: What's the best way to kill someone's love of reading?

A: Analyse books to death in English Class!

There really is nothing better than a good book. A book, along with your imagination, can set your mind free and send you around the world or even out of the solar system. But we don't want to students to love reading, we want them to resent reading! What can we do?

Let's make them read old books:

Then let's talk them to death:

Finally, lets write a paper about a book I didn't care about in the first place

Here are more things I don't like about English class:

Here are some suggestions on how to improve English class:

  1. Don't pick your favorite books, pick books that students might enjoy
  2. Don't overanalyse every aspect of this book - sometimes the author is not using a metaphor
  3. More science fiction books!